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102 communities and villages selected for first pilot of the CRESCER Project research

February 28th, 2022

On February 22, 23, 24 and 25, the CRESCER Project carried out the selection process of 102 communities and villages of the municipalities in the Huila and Cunene provinces that will receive the interventions of the operational research designed to identify the strategies with the greatest impact on chronic malnutrition in children under 5 years of age. This research is called the MuCCUA study (Mother and Child interventions for Chronic Undernutrition in Angola: A community cluster and cost-effectiveness trial).

To ensure the scientific methodology that guarantees the quality of the data, communities and villages were randomly selected in a face-to-face raffle in each of the four intervention municipalities in the provinces of Huila and Cunene. Of the 102 villages selected, 33 are in Libongue (Chicomba, Huila), 20 in Jamba sede (Jamba, Huila), 18 in Otchinjau (Cahama, Cunene), and 31 in Mupa and southern Mukolongodjo (Cuvelai, Cunene).

Present at the event were a team led by the FAS Project Coordinator, Lourdes Faria, the General Coordinator of CRESCER, Elena Trigo, community administrators, focal points, supervisors, community activity assistants, traditional and religious authorities. The events promoted the participation of women with valid leadership and representation in the villages and neighborhoods since they and their children will be the central figure to benefit from the Project CRESCER’s interventions.

In addition to the selection process, the meeting also explained to the local authorities the next phases of the project, which include the need to recruit Community and Health Development Agents (Agentes de Desenvolvimento Comunitário e Sanitário – ADECOS) during the month of March, some 60 per municipality for a total of 240 ADECOS, who will work directly in the communities. These ADECOS will be trained according to the National Policy for ADECOS (PNADECOS), with reinforcement in the area of nutrition during the month of April.

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