236 ADECOS selected in Cunene and Huila provinces

1 April 2022

From March 15 to 30, the CRESCER team, together with the Municipal and Communal Administrations, carried out the selection process of 236 Community and Health Development Agents (ADECOS – Agentes de Desenvolvimento Comunitário e Sanitário), which will integrate the project’s field team in the 102 selected neighborhoods and villages.

In a democratic and participatory manner, the population of the communities in the municipalities of Cahama and Cuvelai (Cunene province) and Chicomba and Jamba (Huila province), chose the ADECOS that meet the technical requirements to be able to work in the areas of health and community development and integrate the operational research team in child malnutrition in southern Angola.

In the Chicomba municipality 66 ADECOS were selected, 56 in the Jamba municipality, 55 in the Cahama municipality, and 59 in the Cuvelai municipality. There was a high participation of women in the process (approximately 60%), both in the community voting procedure and among the candidates.

The training of the first 55 ADECOS begins on Monday April 18th, in Cunene’s main commune, Cahama. The ADECOS – selected from the 18 neighborhoods and villages of the Otchinjau commune – will receive training over 12 days in health and nutrition, agriculture, water management, and social action, knowledge they will apply in their micro-areas of work.

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