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The CRESCER Project starts training 55 selected ADECOS in the Otchinjau commune

Otchinjau, Cahama. 18 April 2021

The CRESCER project kicked off on 18 April 2022 with the opening of the training of the first 55 Community and Health Development Agents (ADECOS- Agentes de Desenvolvimento Comunitário e Sanitário), in the main commune of Cahama, Cunene. The ADECOS -selected in the 18 neighborhoods and villages in the commune of Otchinjau that will receive the target interventions during the 12 days of the action– will receive training in health, nutrition, agriculture, water management and social action, knowledge that they will apply in their micro-areas of work.

The opening ceremony was directed by the Cahama’s Municipal Administrator, Mário Katiti, and was attended by the Head of the Provincial Department of FAS – Cunene Local Development Institute, Eduardo Benvindo; and CRESCER coordinator for FAS, Maria de Lourdes Faria. The General Coordinator of the Project Elena Trigo also addressed the 55 ADECOS, of which 25 are women. They will learn, in the first theoretical module of 12 days, how to work in an articulated manner with health technicians to promote the prevention of chronic malnutrition in children under five years of age.

Once they have completed the second training module in the coming months, the ADECOS will receive their certificate from the National Training School for Social Service Technicians, and will join the municipal administration as community and health development workers, with the support of the CRESCER project.

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